Web & Mobile Development

Synergie Academy knows-how to propel beginner career. With website development training, Synergie will boost  problem-solving skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  You will learn how to develop the professional websites with letting you know to create a basic web page and upload it to the Internet via FTP. We will start from scratch, so that individuals will learn advanced coding.

Mobile apps are the fast growing industry because 75% of world population are mobile enabled.  To keep growing your career with this exciting industry, our team at Synergie helps beginner with our leading-edge mobile app development training courses. We will teach you how to build responsive and robust mobile applications using  Java, JavaScript, HTML5, JQuery , XML, Mobile, and more. You will also gain skills in responsive web design, enterprise integration, and learn to implement mobile data security best practices. 

Topics include:

  1. Mobile app design
  2. Mobile app content management and delivery
  3. Content formatting and presentation
  4. Forms
  5. JQuery Mobile
  6. Including options, utilities, themes and events
  7. HTML5 enhancements
  8. Mobile app distribution